Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Send Pre-work to Create Engaging Webinars

When you have a controlled number of enrollees, pre-work can be a key ingredient for engaging them prior to the webinar. Pre-work can shape the direction and content of the event and start the learning process before the enrollees even “show up.” Pre-work can involve any or all of the following:

Ask for photos. This will let you see everyone. You can prepare a slide that shows enrollees around a conference table (or tables if the group is large). This will help them to form connections and will lend itself to group conversations.

Solicit questions. This prepares enrollees for meaningful conversations and can address any concerns and issues on their minds.

Email your bio. Enrollees can get to know you, so you don’t start your webinar with details about who you are and what you do. You can jump right to the content.

Ask enrollees to read something. This can be a white paper, website, link to a publication, case study, or anything that will get them prepared to jump in and be ready to go when the webinar starts.

Send a self-assessment survey. Help enrollees understand where they are in the [topic] experience.

Send your slides. This will enable learners to discuss them. A novel approach is to include a question on all or several slides to promote discussion through voice or chat before or during the webinar.

Pair learners up for brief phone conversations. Even a 15-minute conversation about something you sent (the pre-reading perhaps) will start conversations and build in accountability.

Send a workbook to use during the webinar. This will let enrollees know that your webinar will be interactive and they won’t merely be sitting in front of the screen hearing your voice and seeing slides pass before their eyes.

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