Thursday, October 06, 2011

Creating Websites for Smartphone Adaptability

With the recent explosion of smartphones and people using them for everything from computers, phones, cameras, and calendars to viewing movies, listening to music, and more—it’s critical that your website is adaptable to smartphones.

Here are some tips for making your website smartphone adaptable:

* Remove unnecessary content. Heavy content may be difficult to download and read.
* Chunk your information. It’s easier to read small multiple pages than it is to read long segments.
* Use lots of powerful headlines so people can view your key points at a glance.
* Make your navigation clear, concise, and easy to locate.
* Be aware of how your graphics will appear. Many smartphones (especially the older ones) have a lower resolution than a desktop or laptop and some will resize your images.
* Avoid flash, cookies, frames, tables, and non-standard fonts. Some smartphones may not support them.
* If your content is long and needs to be re-written, consider creating a separate page (or pages) for mobile viewing. Tip: Put a link to your mobile page(s) at the top of your standard pages, especially on the home page which is where most people enter.

Test your pages on as many devices as possible to be sure they’re easy to view from desktops, laptops, tablets, and a variety of smartphones.

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